Quaffed the Raven

Celebrating Spirits

“’Tis some visitor,” I muttered…

Welcome, stranger (or art thou friend?), to this chamber of spirits.
Spirits designed to stimulate the tastebuds & intoxicate the mind.
Libations and Elixirs for the soul.

This is a gin blog.

On occasion it will also be a bourbon, rum, whisky or vodka blog, but the focus will most certainly be on gin.

Here you will find simple, honest, and hopefully informative reviews of gins from all over the world that I will be selflessly sampling, sniffing, and mixing so that you don’t have to, unless of course you find it helpful and decide to buy the gin for yourself, which is sort of the point.

Welcome to this dark little corner of the internet.

Welcome to Quaffed The Raven.

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