TŌSH Gin Price: ~ £26ABV: 40%Known Botanicals:Angelica rootCardamomCassiaCorianderCubebDried lemon peelLemonLemon balm leafLimeMakrut lime leafNutmegOrangeOrrisPoppyseedRosehipSweet rowan berry Husband-and-wife Jiri Omelka and Barbara Omelkova are the team behind TŌSH gin, with the Moravian family distillery, found within the village of Těšetice, being the oldest whisky producer in the former Czechoslovakia, where distilling has flourished since 1582. The gin features … More TŌSH Gin


Alkkemist is a gin from Spain that is distilled only twelve times a year ‘by the light of the full moon’. Price: ~ £41ABV: 40%Known Botanicals:AgrimoniaAngelicaCardamomChenilleCorianderFennelLemon balmLemon rindMahon chamomileMintMuscat grapeOrange rindPennyroyalRock teaRose petalSageSamphireSweet chamomileThymeVerbena A self-proclaimed ‘ultra premium’ gin, Alkkemist hails from Madrid and features an impressive 21 botanicals, of which Muscat grape is arguably the star … More Alkkemist