Tanqueray No. Ten

Possibly the gin that needs no introduction: Tanqueray No. Ten is one of the most highly regarded gins in the world.

Price: ~ £31
ABV: 47.3%
Known Botanicals:

Named after the still in which it is (at least partly) made ‘Tiny Ten’ (as opposed to the number of botanicals used to make the gin, which some might assume), Tanqueray 10 is, for many, the premium gin. Launched in 2000 it quickly rose to prominence and is the only gin to be inducted to the San Francisco World Spirits Competition Hall of Fame.


Tanqueray 10 was way ahead of the game when it comes to premium styled bottles, though it did change a few years ago from a slightly more angular version (similar to this but with fewer ‘sides’). As you can see, it’s rather beautiful, and is one of the most recognisable bottles on the market. It screams class. The original ‘premium’ branding perhaps.


On the nose, Tanqueray 10 is absolutely gorgrous. There’s a heady juniper that’s lifted out of the glass by a divinely sweet, citrus aroma. It’s predominantly orange for me, sweet and floral with a beautiful zing. Considering the ABV, there’s no burn at all, just smooth, fresh citrus.


Neat the gin is wonderfully smooth, which I understand is down to the chamomile, and there’s huge amounts of flavour. Considering how much citrus is here, there’s almost no bitterness or sour notes to speak of, instead you’re greeted with a deep, herbal citrus that, for me, concentrates at the back of the mouth. It’s absolutely delicious. I think the level of liquorice might be quite high too as I can taste a rooty, earthy sweetness that’s a real treat.

With water, the herbal notes come through a little more and the chamomile starts to shine a little more birghtly. Coriander makes a more noticeably appearance and I think some of the more sour citrus notes are brought out too. The taste is closer to lime now, but still very fresh and full-bodied.

A No. Ten Martini

Finally, what else could I do but have it in a Martini (50ml to 10ml Noilly Prat)?! It’s as classy a drink as you’d expect from this gin. The sweet, fresh citrus helps cut through the dry vermouth (I’m not a dry vermouth guy, but I bought the Noilly Prat not knowing it was such!) and frankly it makes me feel super cool drinking it. Wait a few minutes for the lemon twist to do it’s thing and dayum, this amazing drink just got better.


Tanqueray 10 is well known and highly regarded for a reason: that it is simply superb. It’s simple in it’s flavour profile, but put together so expertly that it still shines brighter than most in a market that is still expanding. Add to that you’re getting what I would have to class an ultra-premium gin, for below average price now, and there’s really only one score I can give this gem.

A full plume!

Tanqueray 10 is available online and in shops




All reviews are of the author’s personal collection, bought and paid for by the author, unless otherwise stated.

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