Artisan – Pink Citrus Tonic

This natural tonic includes fresh pink grapefruit and blood orange to provide a citrus twist to the classic flavour.

Cost: £££
Type: Tonic Water
Sweetener: Cane sugar
Nutritional info (100ml):
Kcal: 34
Sugar (g): 8

Another funky tonic from the Artisan Drinks Co. this pink number features a very summery image of a lady in a wide brimmed sun hat. Using the same natural quinine flavours from raw cinchona bark extract, fresh grapefruit and blood orange are added for a citrus kick.

The Artisan Drinks Co. Pink Citrus Tonic is available in 200ml bottles.

Tasting Notes

When first pouring, there is a burst of fine bubbles that fizz up and subside just as quickly, leaving the side of the glass coated. These slowly rise to the surface as it quietly pops away.

The aroma is a lovely sweet, warm citrus that’s full of the aroma of blood oranges. The grapefruit and quinine don’t really get a look in, but it’s not so strong that it smells like orangeade, though it could leave a bit more room for the quinine ideally.

On its own, there’s a mild fizz on the tongue followed by a lovely bittersweet orange tonic flavour. It not sickly, but it is sweet and I’d have to say, like the nose, there could be plenty more quinine. The orange dominates, with a slightly bitter finish where the quinine comes through right at the end.

With gin (3:1 Beefeater with a slice of lemon), the result is a delicious, fruity G&T. The orange flavours are mellowed, and work wonderfully well with the gin. There’s a nice level of bitterness, but like their classic tonic, this is definitely on the sweeter end of the spectrum. Again though, like the classic, it’s just right for me, with the lemon giving a good balance.


If you fancy something a little different, but not overly flavoured, I think this is a great option. If you prefer more bitter flavours, or a stronger hit of quinine, it may not be for you though, so keep that in mind. The brand is at the top of the price range, and isn’t easily available, but I think it’s well worth trying!

4.5 / 5 Feathers

Artisan Drinks Co. Pink Citrus Tonic Water is available online




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